Join us on the journey to
Proactive Workplace Health


Fast and effective onsite early intervention treatment for workplace injuries.


Reduced LTIs, reduced Workers' Compensation premium.


 Healthy, happy and productive workers.

Our team of specialist workplace physiotherapists will take the pain out of workplace injury.


Manual Handling Training

Protect your workers and protect your business.

Onsite Physio

Take control of your workplace health.

Workstation Ergonomics

Improved comfort and safety = increased efficiency and productivity.

Pre Employment Screening

Invest in getting the right worker for the job.

Health & Wellness

Healthy workers = Healthy workplace.

Fitness For Work

Vital health risk management strategy for an ageing workforce.

We create Onsite Health Hubs to help you target ALL areas of health and injury risk.


The Onsite Health Hub provides the foundation around which a range of proactive health programs can be delivered. We target all areas of health risk, to provide the maximum benefit to your business. 


We use technology to make running your onsite health programs easy.

The secret to ultimately improving performance, health, and development lies within our ability to collect data which is relevant, analyse it effectively, and use it to guide our actions and decisions in the future.
  • Live dashboard reports
  • Automate SMS and emails
  • Comprehensive customisation
  • Produce customised reports
  • Record and track injuries
  • Alerts to identify at risk workers
  • Manage return to work and goals
  • Analyse jobs and tasks

Invest in your workers, not your workers' compensation premium.

The Employ Health 'Health Hub' approach to managing workplace health risk will help you reduce LTIs, reduce your number of workers' compensation claims and reduce your workers' compensation premium. Your workers are ultimately your competitive edge. Investing in the health of you workforce makes good business sense, and may be one of your greatest business opportunities.

What our partners say:

With an ageing workforce, we recognise the importance of proactive workplace health strategies. Employ Health offers a unique approach and most recently provided an engaging health and wellness program. Having them as part of our team has been an invaluable asset for the productivity of our workforce.” - David Bruce, Orora Cartons
A&L aspires to be known as a safe workplace that values the health and wellness of our workforce. We recognised the need for a national solution to revolutionise the way we managed the health of our employees. Employ Health and their specialist team of workplace physiotherapists provided a structured system based solution that was both innovative and specifically tailored to our current needs.” - Amy Pierson, State Manage, A&L Windows