Employ Health Is Hiring in Melbourne NOW!

23 March, 2018
Get on board! We are revolutionising workplace health and the diagnosis is change, innovation and the career of a lifetime. Key benefits: Work on proactive and preventative programs Work with clients delivering a highly engaged service Work for passionate and engaged Directors committed to your development! About the Company and what we do Employ Health ( are elite […]

5 Steps Your Business Can Take to Control Manual Risk

25 January, 2018
What is ‘Manual Risk’? Workers are exposed to manual risk when a hazardous manual task is undertaken. Not all manual tasks are hazardous though. Knowing which tasks are potentially hazardous is the first vital step in controlling manual risk at your site. Work Safe QLD outlines the following characteristics of hazardous manual tasks: Repetitive or […]

The Active Office Secret

18 October, 2017
The Active Office Secret What if I told you there is a simple and cost effective way to improve the health, happiness and productivity of your workforce. Plus, the greatest part is, it is not that hard or complex.  However, so many businesses fail to see it. It is hiding in plain sight. No part […]

10 Ways a Business Will Save Money through Workplace Health & Occupational Physiotherapy

12 October, 2017
Work-related musculoskeletal injury costs the Australian economy $28billion per year. The average cost of a musculoskeletal claim in Queensland is $7049 – and that’s just the statutory costs. It doesn’t take into account the cost your business invests in managing the claim, investigating the incident, time lost for having a worker at reduced capacity or […]

6 Steps to Decrease Injury Rates for Rural & Remote Workers

20 September, 2017
What do the Statistics Say? You are twice as likely to be hospitalised due to injury in remote regions of Australia. Recently published reports have identified that the workplace is a key setting responsible for this higher injury rate. This occurs in spite of overall workplace injury and loss time injury rates improving on a […]

Back Care on the Fly: Part 2

29 August, 2017
Spinal Pain Management in Practice for Busy Professionals Last week we looked at the rates of low back pain and associated economic costs across Australia. For more information, see Back Care on the Fly: Part 1: At Employ Health we have recognised that workers who are highly mobile and travel extensively for work often […]

Back Care on the Fly: Part 1

15 August, 2017
8 Spinal Pain Management Tips for Busy Professionals The burden of low back pain across Australian society is significant. Contemporary figures published by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare in 2016 show that ‘back pain and problems’ were the third leading cause of disease burden in Australia in 2011. In 2014-2015 it was estimated […]