Rapid Response is a phone and app based physiotherapy service
that gives your team the vital support they need after injury

Timing matters

Early intervention is one of the most effective strategies for managing work and non-work injuries.

24/7 Service

No matter where they are, or what shift they are working, we have your workers covered.

The missing link in your injury management strategy

Detailed reporting to your injury management team helps you give your workers the support they need.

Reduce your injury costs

The service will help you reduce LTIs, reduce claim duration and reduce injury costs.

Care for your workers no matter where they are.

The service is perfect for workers who are:

  • Mobile

  • Lone

  • Doing shift work

  • Living or working rurally / remotely

  • Unable to attend an appointment with Employ Health

  • Injured when an Employ Health physio is not on site

How it works:

Your worker contacts our Rapid Response number to log their details.
An experienced Employ health physio contacts the worker and provides an over the phone physiotherapy consultation.
The worker is sent a rehabilitation program via the Employ Health app.
Your injury management team is sent a report detailing appropriate next steps for the workplace to assist recovery.
If required, an Employ health physiotherapist provides a follow up Rapid Response call to review the workers progress.
Can physio be effective over the phone?
YES – Programs like this have already been operating overseas with great success.
Want to see how Rapid Response can fill a vital gap
in your injury management strategy?
Call us on 1300 736 643
Tracey Davison
HR Manager QLD/NSW A&L Windows and Doors
As a business we strive to be proactive in managing the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees. We utilise Rapid Response Physio to ensure our Service and Transport staff are cared for even when they are away from the office. Previously when workers were injured while away from the office the first we might hear about an injury is when they return to the office with Workcover forms. Now, our team gets a rehab plan sent to their smartphone from the physio, and we can implement the right suitable duties if needed fast, to help them get better fast.
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